Additional Information

Surveillance is one of the most effective ways in gathering the evidence needed to get the facts, or develop a successful case. We have years of experience in covert surveillance in both urban and rural settings. Whether instrumental in proving insurance fraud, catching thieves in the act, or other, surveillance is most productive if conducted by skilled investigators.

Our practice of using only seasoned investigators serves our clients well. Our work product is above reproach and has always stood up in court. We remain conscious of our ethical responsibilities thus giving our clients added peace of mind their assignments are being worked professionally. We remain a small firm allowing for a more personal and customized service.

Authentic Investigations offers:

  • Clear, steady video documentation.
  • A competent, presentable image in court.
  • Never operates as a broker of services.
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured.

If you’re receiving shaky or out-of-focus video from you’re vendor it’s time to switch to a professional firm.