Protective Services

Additional Information

Authentic Investigations (and Protective Services) provides plain-clothed armed protective services to corporations, small business, and executives. We’re professional, presentable, and able to work in any situation. Available short notice during times of high-risk employee terminations or where ensuring safety is paramount.

In matters of workplace issues, all threats, real or perceived, should be taken seriously. Legal, safety departments and human resources understand the importance of taking whatever measures necessary to protect their employees. Often such action includes hiring outside protective agencies to complement their own security force. When dealing with threats of physical harm or death, it’s imperative that agents be involved who are specifically trained in preventative, proactive measures.

Local law enforcement can be hired if the location where the protective services are needed falls within the officer’s jurisdiction. If this is not an option we can help. We are licensed, bonded and insured protective agents hired by some of Minnesota’s largest corporations.

Our clients can be assured we don’t utilize individuals who aren’t licensed protective agents, or a state recognized employee of a licensed firm as required by law. Some companies enter into illegal arrangements with individuals moonlighting without the proper credentials, licensing and bonding. A risk to any company doing the hiring. Consumers should inquire with each protective agent the name of their professional liability carrier.