Insurance Fraud

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury

Authentic Investigations, LLC. field investigators have years of surveillance experience in both rural and urban settings. Whether the assignment is in open country or a congested inner city, we have the experience and stealth to get results.

Our objective investigative approach serves our clients well. We take our job seriously, and have remained a small firm allowing for more personal and customized service. Always honest with clients of the experience level and competency of our investigators. If you’re receiving shaky or out-of-focus video from your current vendor we’d like the opportunity to show you our work product.

Authentic Investigations, LLC:

  • Provides clear, steady video documentation by experienced investigators.
  • Presents a competent, presentable image in court.
  • Never operates as a broker of services.


Unlicensed Broker Concerns

Some insurance companies may unknowingly work with agencies soliciting investigative work in Minnesota without the proper license. They do so under the guise of being a “national”, “global”, or “international” investigative agency with “agents nationwide” (or descriptors to the effect). Although these agencies may ultimately use licensed investigators in the states which they cover, without having a private detective license in Minnesota themselves, they could be breaking the law by soliciting work here. In other words, such solicitation and assignment of cases can be illegal even if a Minnesota licensed private detective is hired to do the surveillance work. A liability to insurance companies requesting the investigation. A windfall for any claimant attorney wishing to have investigative evidence suppressed.

Some of these companies are in essence broker or referral companies; namely, companies that make their profit by “brokering” or “referring” your file at a reduced rate to someone outside the company. Often these businesses mislead claims professionals into thinking they’ll be working your file – but in turn find someone willing to do the work at a 20-40 percent discount. The individual hired, someone unknown to you, may lack any professional investigative skills.

Some claims professionals avoid using broker companies by running investigations through their legal departments. Allowing them to bypass contracts brokers duped someone into signing elsewhere in the company. Hiring pseudo investigators is a disservice to insureds. More employers are circumventing insurance carriers found working with dishonest broker agencies. Taking it upon themselves to seek out credible, competent PI firms to work their files. Firms that have greater success in detecting and stopping fraud.

Risks of Unlicensed Investigators/Brokers

Dismissal of Evidence:

If you intend to use evidence in court which has been obtained through an investigation, it may be dismissed should it have been acquired illegally.

Worthless Evidence:

If the evidence provided proves legally worthless to you, your chances of getting a refund from the detective agency, which may be several states away, is problematic at best.

Unreliable Evidence:

If you want to be assured of the validity of your information, be aware that work quality is not a great concern to many of these agencies who are merely out-of-state vendors. These brokers are frequently little more than middle men who subcontract your case to the lowest bidding pi in the area. Their interests are served by getting their cut, namely a percentage of the total fee. For your own legal and financial safety, directly hire only investigators who are located within the state of Minnesota, or those who can prove licensure in “Minnesota.”